On March 4, 2015, MOSF and The TerraMar Project announced a media partnership. The TerraMar Project provides a unique digital platform and an online daily newspaper that promotes ocean literacy and active participation on ocean conservation. Together, our organizations will share information about interactive and hands-on marine conservation activities across the globe. Read press release.


On March 3, 2015, MOSF and Ocean Crest Alliance announced a collaborative partnership. Ocean Crest Alliance is a non-profit organization that is developing innovative ways to establish and manage marine protected areas (MPAs). Like MOSF, OCA has a very strong focus on stakeholder engagement, the importance of financially and environmentally sustainable programs, and the use of green technology to achieve their goals. Together, our organizations are developing geotourism and citizen science-based programs that integrate with MPAs. Read press release.

reef worlds logoOn January 29, 2015, MOSF and Reef Worlds announced a strategic partnership. Reef Worlds provides unique tourism centric dynamic reef solutions for existing resorts and new and expanding developments worldwide. Together, our organizations will provide tourism-based solutions that provide both economic and ecological benefits to coastal communities. Read press release.