What is a scientist after all? It is a curious man looking through a keyhole, the keyhole of nature, trying to know what’s going on. – Jacques Cousteau

students learning marine scienceBy actively working with young people and introducing them to the beauty and wonders of our oceans and marine habitats, we believe that they will develop a lifelong appreciation and sense of stewardship.

The Marine & Oceanic Sustainability Foundation (MOSF) has joined with educators from around the globe to compile exciting lesson plans, arts & crafts, and hands-ons activities for children and young adults. Additionally, our goal is to develop an extensive education outreach program for our volunteers and staff to share with teachers and children globally.

Through these programs, the MOSF is dedicated to cultivating a marine-literate population by increasing public awareness of marine and coastal issues and what individuals and organizations are doing to address them. Our education programs will continually be developed, tested, and enhanced to remain current, relevant, and engaging.

Once we have acquired our first research vessel, we will begin a program in which we will sponsor K-12 teachers and college-level marine science students to join us on expeditions. By getting out in the field, our guests will expand their understanding of marine habitats and conservation work going on throughout the world. Our goal is to give teachers and future marine scientists first hand experience that they can take back to their students and colleagues at home.

Like those of us who were inspired by people like Jacques Cousteau, we hope to inspire future generations of ocean lovers, sailors, scuba divers, researchers, and marine scientists.

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